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My story so far:

Motorsport is a passion I have been devoted to for most of my life. Having competed in various karting championships in a variety of tracks and venues (up to the national level), I have always wanted to further my racing career and find ways to improve myself.

I am a 23-year-old native of Jersey City, NJ, and a recent graduate of Rutgers University in New Brunswick, NJ.  I come from a different socio-economic background than most of the drivers I compete against, but am also known for delivering impressive and rousing performances, no matter how limited my equipment or resources may be.

My racing led to an interest in mechanical engineering, something I was proud to have had majored in at High Tech High School in North Bergen, NJ under the Digital Design and Fabrication program.  My passion for motor racing pushed me to succeed in this, as there is a relationship between the two. Because of this I completed my Bachelors Degree in Mechanical Engineering at Rutgers University, and participated in their Formula SAE and applied engineering programs.




2009: Grand Prix New York Racing School


  • Began karting in an indoor facility by attending a racing school, as a reward for academic performance.

  • The school was conducted by Stevan McAleer, a championship winning driver who is now the Co-owner of McCumbee McAleer Motorsports, as well as a current driver himself.



2010: Grand Prix New York Junior Sodi Class Runner-Up

  • After multiple first place finishes, finished second in the points in a close battle for the championship.


2011: Grand Prix New York Junior Sodi Class Champion

  • After dominating the season with multiple race victories, won the championship for the Junior Sodi class.

2012: Grand Prix New York Junior Sodi Class Champion

  • Returned a year after having won the championship to win it again and defend the title. Once again dominated the season.

2013: First time driving at Oakland Valley Race Park

  • First experience driving an outdoor sprint kart on an outdoor track (Oakland Valley Race Park), instructed by Stevan McAleer.

  • The kart was a Birel RY-30 equipped with a Mini MAX Rotax engine package. Capable of 80 Km/h.

  • Ran the fastest lap of all the drivers Stevan was instructing.

2013: On Track Karting (Brookfield) Winter Junior Race League - Upgrade Class

  • After multiple podium finishes and pole positions, finished third in the league standings.

  • First time moving from the three-horsepower indoor Sodi Kart to the six-horsepower indoor Sodi Kart.

2014: On Track Karting (Brookfield) Junior Race League - Upgrade Class Runner-Up

  • Accomplished multiple race wins and pole positions. After a close battle for the championship that went down to the final round, finished second in league standings.

2014: Summer Karting Camp with Stevan McAleer

  • Attended a five-day summer camp run by Stevan McAleer at Oakland Valley Race Park. Buys first kart (a used 2008 Birel chassis and Junior Rotax engine, capable of speeds up to 100 Km/h).

  • Wins most of the practice races that occurred on the camp's last day.

2014: Joins the Coldstream Motorsports Karting Team

  • Begins racing in the club championship at Oakland Valley Race Park, under Coldstream Motorsports, a newly formed karting team created by Stevan McAleer.

  • Competes at a regional level for the first time at Oakland Valley Race Park, for the Northeast Rotax Challenge series in the Junior Rotax category. Finishes a notable fourth in first regional race.

  • Continues to compete in the club championship, as well as the Northeast Regional series.

2015: Northeast Rotax Regional Series and Oakland Valley Race Park Club Championship

  • Continues to compete in both championships under the Junior Rotax class with Coldstream Motorsports.

  • Competes with a different chassis (a 2013 Birel RY-30 S5 with a Junior Rotax Engine).

  • Scores first podium in outdoor karting during the first race of the season for the club championship. Continues to consistently score podiums throughout the season.

  • Drives a different outdoor track for the first time, New Jersey Motorsports Park, during a round of the Northeast Regional Series.

2016: Northeast Rotax Regional Series and Oakland Valley Race Park Club Championship:


  • Competes in the Senior Rotax category with Coldstream Motorsports. Uses a Tony Kart Racer EVK with a Senior Rotax engine to race in both series (capable of speeds up to 136 Km/h or 86 Mph)

  • Scores podiums throughout the season, and proves to be competitive having run the same pace as the front-runners.

2016: Podium Finish at Ocala Gran Prix

  • Flies to Ocala, Florida to compete in Round Seven of the Ocala Gran Prix Championship.

  • Competes and finishes on the podium for the TAG Senior category, using a rented kart with a Senior Rotax engine.


2016: Practice Weekend with AKT Racing Team

  • Is offered to test (practice) with AKT Racing team at Orlando Kart Center, as a result of the podium finish at Ocala that was achieved a month prior.

  • Despite a thunderstorm that created less than ideal conditions, was still able to perform and gain instruction from the team owner Gonzalo Aponte, a national karting driver himself.



2017: Joins PSL Northeast Karting team and becomes Northeast Super Series Vice-Champion; also competes in Oakland Valley Club Championship:

  • Leaves Coldstream Motorsports after being offered to join the newly formed PSL Northeast karting a team. This is the Northeast US branch of the international PSL karting team, which is also the official Birel ART chassis provider for North America.

  • Uses a new 2017 Birel ART S8-B with a Senior Rotax engine to compete (later changes to a X30 Senior after the U.S Open race).

  • Continues to compete in the same two series, the regional series having been renamed the Northeast Super Series. Scored podiums in the club championship and finished runner-up in the Super Series Regional Championship after an intense season-long battle.




2017: Competes with PSL Karting in first National Event - The U.S Open of New Jersey

  • Raced at New Jersey Motorsports Park for first national karting event. Finished within the top 13 among more than 30 of the best drivers in the nation (and a few from other countries) in one of the races.

  • Raced under the Senior Rotax category with the official PSL Karting team during the weekend.

  • Demonstrated consistent top 10 pace, despite equipment issues.




2018: Completes Lucas Oil Racing School Basic 2 Day Program at Palm Beach International Raceway:

  • First experience driving a formula racing car on a race car track.

  • Consistently fastest driver over entire free lapping sessions.




2018 (December) Competed in Inaugural Lucas Oil "Kart to Cars" Scholarship Shootout at Sebring International Raceway:

  • Competed against an international field of vastly more experienced drivers over 2 days at Sebring, driving the School's Rays Formula cars.

  • Consistently fastest runner in my group, which included drivers with previous car racing experience, and more national and international karting experience.

  • Chosen to demo fitness workshop as part of the shootout.







2019 (December) Ferrari 458 Challenge test in Italy:

  • Drives a Ferrari 458 Challenge Evoluzione at the Autodromo di Modena in Modena, Italy.

  • Over 560bhp around the legendary, former Ferrari and Maserati test track.








2020 Completed Lucas Oil School of Racing Advanced Lapping class:

  • Achieved SCCA Full Competition License certification.

  • Posted consistent, race-winning times over the course of two days at New Jersey Motorsports Park in Milville, NJ.


















2021 Ford Mustang GT Test at Lime Rock Park


  • Drives a Ford Mustang GT with the Skip Barber Racing School.

  • Instructed by renowned GT race driver Ken Fukuda.

  • By the end of the day, posting competitive laps and proving a succesful introduction into proper GT racing.







2021 Formula 4 Test at New Jersey Motorsports Park

  • Completed first test with a Formula 4 car around the NJMP Lightning Circuit.

  • Posted consistent, race winning lap times and was the fastest of each session of the day.



2022 Completed Bertil Roos Advanced Racing School

  • Completed Advanced Racing School at New Jersey Motorsports Park in Millville, NJ.

  • Posted consistent, competitive laptimes.

  • Second and First in both practice races on the last day of the school.





High School Education with the Digital Design and Fabrication Major (“DFAB”)
High Tech High School, North Bergen, NJ

Bachelors of Science in Mechanical Engineering,

Rutgers University School of Engineering

New Brunswick, NJ

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2011 - Accepted into the National Junior Honor Society


2011 & 2012 - Accepted as a Student Leader for the Student Leadership Program

2012 - Participation in the National People to People Ambassador Program for outstanding Middle School student leaders.

2013 - Wins School Science Fair, proceeds to win Second in District Science Fair, then Third at the Hudson County Science Fair at Liberty Science Center.

2014 - Wins School Science fair again, and then Second in the district Science Fair.

2017 - Nominated to the National Honor Society


2017- Nominated to the National Society of High School Scholars

2018 - Accepted into the Rutgers University Honors College and School of Engineering

2019 - Selected as Teacher Assistant for introductory Physics course at Rutgers University

2022 - Graduated with Mechanical Engineering Degree from Rutgers University


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