My racing career in motion

Join me for a weekend of testing on track at NJMP with the first episode of SOTOLOG, my new vlog series documenting my racing career.

Interview with Brian Till, noted racer and broadcaster, at the 2018 Lucas Oil Karting Shootout.  Sebring, Fl.

Session two with the Lucas Oil Ray chassis (Mazda power).  Some clean laps of the Sebring Club circuit.  A legendary track, and also legendary bumpy! ;)

Session three of the Lucas Oil Karting Shooutout at Sebring.  The brake bias on this chassis was off, but there is some action passing cars - and of course, taking the checkered flag at Sebring is always a thrill, even if it's a test session!

Lucas Oil Racing School - Palm Beach International Raceway

Some hotlaps of the Palm Beach International Raceway circuit on the final session of the Lucas Oil Racing school. Begins testing the limits of the car towards the end but remains composed.

Canaan Motor Club, New Hampshire - Northeast Super Series Rounds 3 and 4

The track at Canaan, New Hampshite is really a car track, so for our karts it was a special challenge.  Absolute top speed was the goal here, but using the draft was also vital, as you can see in this video.  I'm passing for position here, but immediately come under threat because of the draft.  Our pace was equal to the pole sitter, but we ran so close that passing was difficult.  4th and 5th overall against local runners, and 3rd for NESS.

OVRP - July Practice Session for NESS

The track felt great that weekend, and I really love the new layout of OVRP 👌 ride on board a lap with me! I'm looking forward to rounds 3 and 4 of the Super Series at New Hampshire August 16th and 17th.

OVRP 6-30-16 

Approximately 1,300 RPM down but still doing a 36.88 (decent competitive time.)

OVRP 7-22-15

First Practice in the Birel S5 RY-30 Chassis.

OVRP Club Race Final 10-16-16

Having to start in P19 due to a rear bumper coming off in the Pre-Final. Makes it through the field to finish P5.

On Track Brookfield 5-30-16 

Driving the new layout of the indoor circuit for the first time.

Rain practice at Orlando Karting Center

Nothing like 2 days of nothing but driving in the middle of a hurricane at Orlando Karting Center to hone your rain driving technique!

OVRP 4-16-16

First Practice of the 2016 season with the new chassis and senior engine.

OVRP 9-7-14 NE Final Race

Down on power, but still fighting to maintain fourth place from my pre-final.

OVRP 9-7-14 NE Prefinal Race

An amazing start coming from seventh to third.  Gets passed twice however moves up to fourth at the end from a driver penalty.


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OVRP 9/6/2014 NE Final

First ever Rotax Challenge Regional Final.