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Visiting Montreal for an F1 race! But missing two rounds of Regionals.

Not a lot has been happening recently in terms of my racing. Did not get to compete in the last club race due to my engine still being rebuilt, which is a bummer because it seemed to have been an eventful one and I feel as though I could have done well in it.

The next race that I am supposed to do is on June 11th and June 12th at Oakland Valley Race Park for rounds 3 and 4 of the Northeast Regional series. The races are in dedication of the great Peter Hannen who unfortunately passed away a few weeks ago. Thing is, the Canadian Formula One Grand Prix happens on the same days, and I had already bought my tickets months ago.

So to sum things up, I am missing rounds of the regional championship to watch a Formula One race. Because there are usually only two drops, this would mean that it would put me out of contention for the championship (rounds 1 and 2 did not really go well for me). But it's fine, my goal now is to focus on individual race wins and do my best to develop myself as a driver.

Now since that's out of the way, I drove the new On track layout today, and I didn't really like it as much. It was just too narrow compared to the last one, and to be fast around there you have to slide or drift around the corners. Normally this would scrub speed in any race car or the karts I drive, but for these karts it helps keep the revs up as that is the key to driving those 6 horsepower karts.

It is because of this different driving technique used that I do not enjoy this version of the track. My on-board is on the multimedia page, and uploaded on my Youtube channel.

While I may not be attending the next few rounds of regionals, there is a possibility that I may drive my kart again next weekend for some practice at Oakland Valley. So I look forward to that, and I'm pumped to watch my first ever Grand Prix at the track!

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