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  • Russell Soto

School ending and a Grand Prix coming up!

Almost everything in my classes is due for June 8th. I have a Spanish Project, an English essay, a History Project and even an Algebra quiz on that day! But all of these final assignments amount to one thing, and that is that school is ending. So it has been a pretty eventful week so far, and it is only going to get better once that horrid Wednesday is over because after that I get to go to my very first Formula One Grand Prix.

Will be leaving on Thursday to go, as Friday is free practice and Saturday is Qualifying day. Sunday is the day of the race and I am more than excited. My parents and I will be sitting on the grand stands right after the hairpin at Circuit Gilles Villienuve. Of course I am reminded on what I'm missing out on, and that is a huge race at Oakland Valley Race Park, but I am sure that watching F1 cars will be fun.

Aside from all this, I have been playing a ton of sim racing, and am anticipating this new karting sim called "Kart Kraft" to release soon, as it seems like it will be great according to what Black Delta (the developers) have given to us. I hope it will be realistic and look just as nice as the videos they've released of it, and it seems that they are "on to the right track" as it already looks better than the simulator that I use with my friends called "Kart Racing Pro" created by PiBoSO.

My next race is on June 26th, and while that may be a long way ahead there still seems to be some exciting things coming in the horizon. But before that stuff comes, I gotta finish my homework!

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