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New Season, new team...

The big news for us is joining PSL Northeast as I mentioned in my last post. What was interesting is being interviewed for it by Kart360. They did a great write up, which you can find here:

Being with PSL meant a new chassis, so enter the Birel ART RY30 S8B. A very long name, but also a very promising setup that will see me back in a Birel kart after some time. Keep your eye on this space!

Also, my SNELL 2005 helmet would not pass a current inspection, which is important for National and Regional events. So we decided to take the plunge and buy a new carbon-fiber Bell helmet:

We were torn between a Stilo helmet and this, but decided for the lighter weight afforded by the Bell. This is definitely WAY beyond what we can responsibly afford with our very limited budget, but we are not cutting corners on safety. Unfortunately, that puts painting the helmet out of the question, but I think it really does look cool in carbon fiber anyway!

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