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High School Graduation and a New Phase

A lot has happened in the weeks between the Lucas Oil School and now. And a lot more will happen from now on, as I've finished High School and it's now onwards to college. I'm both sad and excited, and very happy to have been accepted to Rutgers University's Honors College.

After visiting several schools, including Indiana University/Purdue University at Indianapolis, as well as St. John's University, Seton Hall, and being accepted at NYU, Boston University and several others, I feel Rutgers, with its fantastic Engineering program, was the best choice. The visit to Indianapolis was an exciting one, as I had the opportunity to visit one of the "Cathedrals of Speed," the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, and its excellent museum.

Sadly, we were just a little bit too late to catch a tour of the track and actually step on the famous "Brickyard," but no worries. I may come back and run over that particular surface at 240MPH.

As you can see, we can get quite creative with our graduation caps:

Racing-wise, I've been doing some testing at OVRP, including helping my teammate from last year, Adam, in getting his new team drivers get acclimated to their new chassis, as well as putting some of OVRP's rental fleet through its paces - identifying issues and helping to resolve them.

Unfortunately, my time with OVRP may have come to an end, as the owners decided to go on another direction with their program of sponsoring racers and their "work for racing" agreement. Simply put, it'll be very tough to commute from Jersey City to Cuddebackville, NY every day to work at the shop, especially since I do not own a car or have my driver's license. Ironic...I can drive full-bred racing cars, but not your average daily commuter!

All this means that my racing activities for 2018 (at least on the karting side) are very uncertain at the moment. But if there is one thing I've always believed in, is to keep puching, keep going at it again and again, no matter what obstacles are ahead, or what set backs I may experience.

A certain fictional boxer once said "that's how winning is done." I most certainly agree.

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