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A fighting chance...

So the summer has been uneventful, racing-wise, and I'm not enjoying that aspect of it. My life is about to change, and it will be a challenge to continue racing, especially since we do not have the budget of any of my competitors. Because of lack of budget, I've had to stand on the sidelines while my contemporaries are out there getting seat time. However, something interesting has emerged.

The Lucas Oil Karting Shootout is an even happening in December, in which karters from all over the world will get together and compete for a full season of racing in their formula series for 2019. I am definitely applying for it and keeping my fingers crossed that this will literally save my career for 2018.

My performance with their car last April really gives me confidence that I have a very good chance of coming away with something and - like everything in my racing career - I will approach it by giving it my best in spite of the odds. I really long for competition, and I miss being able to go out on a race track to do what I love.

Also, on my previous post I did not mention a racing-related gift I received for my graduation, from my dad. He presented me with a 1/12 scale model of Ayrton Senna's championship winning Mclaren-Honda MP4/5. This is the car that he used to win the World Driving Championship in 1988. What's unusual is the helmet that sits on one of the side pods:

This is a tiny replica of my old karting helmet and gloves. If you've seen the rest of this website, you know what Ayrton Senna means to me, in and out of the car. A dad always wishes the best for their children, and this is a statement of what he feels I deserve, but that he cannot give me, due to our financial situation. I will treasure this always.

"You will never know the feeling of a driver when winning a race. The helmet hides feelings that cannot be understood."

- Ayrton Senna

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