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A New Hope (with all due respect to George Lucas)...

Hello again everyone, and welcome to 2019!

There is much to talk about, and some exciting news to share. First I want to announce my association with Momentum Motorsports and Ligier Automotive. Through Momentum's driver development program, these companies help young racers such as myself to try and obtain funding to continue our racing careers.

To that end, my dad and I put together Russell Soto Racing LLC, which is a humble little "company" with absolutely no capital, created to accept funding for my racing career and handle any finances related to racing.

As I stated, we have absolutely no capital as of yet, but I'm crossing my fingers, hoping that situation will change, little by little.

If a company wants to support me, we can work together to explore ways to do so without exceeding any marketing or expense budgets. Contact us for details!

One of these ways is through another company called Merchant Services Ltd. (MSD). This company provides very low-cost credit processing services for businesses. Through their Motorsports Program, NAB in turn provides us with a percentage of their processing fees to go racing. What this means is that a business can sponsor me at no cost to them! You can find out more about them at Please contact us to learn more!.

With Phil Picard of Momentum Motorsports

It is a great honor to be associated with these three companies, and I vow to represent them to the best of my ability. Together, it is my hope to be back behind the wheel very soon!

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