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Update and some thoughts on 2019

Leading the pack at one of the Lucas Oil Shootout sessions.  Photo courtesy of the Lucas Oil School or Racing

Hi, everyone and apologies for not posting for a little while! Still extremely busy with school, but looking forward to the end of the semester and a few days or R&R (rest and relaxation). The break will be short-lived, as I am enrolled to take Calculus this summer in order to remain on-track (pun intended!) and continue on my academic path...or "road," so to speak!

Racing-wise, I am still working to try and secure some funding in order to continue racing. There is some promise with Merchant Services (the Credit Card Processing company we are working with), and we hope there will be some budget in order to at least continue karting and keep my skills current. As it stands, we will be doing some testing at Oakland Valley Raceway Park - with perhaps the odd club race or two. The kart is currently at my friend Nicholas Leone's garage, awaiting installation of a used Rotax practice engine:

Many thanks to this great friend, who has never failed to help and support me, and is one of the reasons I consider myself blessed to be involved in this sport. Fierce competitor on track, but when the helmet comes off, he's the best friend anyone could hope for.

Thanks to the Lucas Oil School of Racing for letting me use the photo you see at the top of this blog post. That's me after just passing a bunch of cars during one of the free lapping heats at the Shootout last December. I didn't even know they'd use it until I saw it at their site, and it was a fun surprise!

We will more than likely seek to test a formula or GT car at some point this summer, and will definitely keep you posted! I look forward to being on the track very soon. Until then, it's the books and the business of college that takes up most of my effort - but you can still find me at the gym and in the simulator, honing my physical and mental skills. Stay tuned!

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