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It's Been A Minute...

It’s been two years since the last post – and what a couple of years it has been! There have been some very profound but nevertheless positive changes in my life, but at this point I am committed to updating this blog much more regularly.

2022 saw me entering the professional work force as an automotive engineer, which required me to move to Michigan. Working for two major auto manufacturers in the past year, I’ve been an efficiency engineer working with the latest in EV technology, to a Vehicle Performance Dynamics Engineer, which has kept me at the wheel while I pay the rent and put food on my table. “Adulting,” as some may call it, requires a lot of adjustment.

This website is called Russell Soto Racing – on the racing front, the struggle continues. Fortunately, Michigan has an active, thriving motorsports community, as you would expect from the cradle of American car culture. If you follow me on Instagram, you know about my involvement with PT Autosport, which has resulted in a lot of seat time in Porsche GT cars. I have also been active in the Great Lakes chapter of the SCCA, both as a driver and a volunteer.

Driving a Porsche Boxster for PT Autosports allowed me to return home to New Jersey and once again get reacquainted with my home track, New Jersey Motorsports Park. As you well know, my background is with karting and formula cars. But adapting to racing GT vehicles proved very natural to me, which makes me enthusiastic and positive about pursuing a career driving these cars at a high level.

New Jersey Motorsports Park - At speed in the PT Motorsports Porsche Boxster Cup car

In Michigan, I have also started testing and racing Spec-Miatas at the Waterford Hills Road Racing track, which has now become my new home track. This has also given me the opportunity to become a driving coach, doing right-seat duty for folks that want to drive their cars at the limit. This combination of “doing and teaching” has given me loads of knowledge and has no doubt improved my skills behind the wheel.

In the fight - SCCA Spec Miata at Waterford Hills

Volunteering for the local SCCA chapter has also given me invaluable opportunities. Not only the chance to continue learning and exercising my craft, but also working together with some of the best and more experienced motorsports people anywhere. One of the highlights of this involvement has been the opportunity to volunteer as a marshal for the 2023 Detroit Indycar Grand Prix. This event allowed me to reconnect with some old friends from my Northeast karting days, including my very first driving instructor and good friend, Stevan McAleer.

Pictured: A good friend and teacher

Michigan living for me requires my own car, and of course I chose a car that perfectly fits me: The Toyota GR86. And of course, I am unable to own a car like this and not grab every chance I get to push it to the limit, and autocross provides the best and safest way to do that. So far the car has proven to be an extraordinary platform for this, and I hope to continue competing in these events as much as possible.

Ready for battle

The fight continues – and now I hope to bring this to you more frequent updates on my career, in and out of the cockpit.I am committed to becoming successful in motorsport, and invite you to follow me here and in social media.Become my companion on this journey.Until next time!

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